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Futuracha Pro | Press release 03

End of an extraordinary campaign - start for a thrilling mission!

Running and acing on Indiegogo for two months, Futuracha Pro is today the most successful crowdfunded font in history - all thanks to you!

Gimme numbers!

Our campaign raised $86,431 by 3,017 people from all over the world, leading to Futuracha Pro Font getting 2,161% funded.

What for?

høly launched this campaign with one ultimate quest in mind - make Futuracha Pro a font everybody can type with.

Thousands of contributors backed høly in taking this challenge and now the ball is in its court.

Futuracha Pro is estimated to be available in May 2017 and it will provide every user with a wide set of characters, a great variety of ligatures and a series of unique glyphs to choose from while typing with it. We have already started working on incorporating Cyrillic, Old English, Scandinavian, Turkish, Polish, Greek and as many other characters we can in our May release.

What’s behind?

During these two months, many creative stories enthusiasts around the world dove into Futuracha Pro’s story or peeked into the backstage.

Some of our favorite and most thorough articles are published on Huffington Post US, Co.Design, Creative Bloq, Design Taxi, Bored Banda, Pedestrian TV, Metro, Hypebeast, Laughing Squid, Adland.

Enjoy your read!

Did I miss out pre-order period? Bummer.

Not at all. You can still pre-order font licenses at a discounted price and a series of Futuracha-inspired perks at our quirky shop.

Thank you all for giving us the chance to make Futuracha Pro true.

Until then, keep yourselves posted!

Futuracha Pro | Press release 02

Join & spread Futuracha Pro’s incredible story!

The last month has been really exciting for høly since Futuracha Pro has reached almost 300% of the initial fixed goal, all thanks to creative people’s love and support!

Watching Futuracha growing from a typography class project to a typeface reaching almost every inch of the world, couldn’t be less than an encouraging and heartwarming evolution!

So, except for being deeply thankful and excited for what is to come, høly invites you all to be a part of this exciting and ever-evolving creative journey!

By sharing or backing Futuracha Pro on Indiegogo, you contribute to a much promising and adventurous sequel of more daring ideas and projects to become true.

Creative community’s enthusiasm and support has been our creativity’s fuel all along. Help us go further.

Thank you all & keep spreading quirkiness all over!

Futuracha Pro | Press release 01

Futuracha Pro by høly - a quirky font you’ll fall for!

Futuracha Pro is an Open Type Font, which magically adjusts and readjusts as you write, based on the preceding and following letter - an exquisitely decorative font that you’ll definitely fall for!

Although designed in 2012 by høly, an Athens-based branding agency, as an experimental display font, aiming at giving people the chance to explore and create, Futuracha became unexpectedly popular and beloved by the whole world due to its quirkiness and eccentricity.

Letting the numbers speak, creatives from more than 180 countries have already downloaded Futuracha more than 250,000 times and, at the same time, Futuracha has been featured on some of the greatest websites and blogs all over the world, while landing the Best Free Font of the Year award from several online sources.

Today, the time has come for the høly team to introduce you to Futuracha Pro - an actual font everybody can type with!

To make Futuracha Pro happen, høly launches a crowdfunding campaign, offering a great variety of unique Futuracha-inspired perks to its backers.

So, go ahead! Meet, support and share Futuracha Pro with your friends and help høly grow Futuracha family bigger and better!

For more information, feel free to contact or follow høly!

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