Senior UI/UX Designer

We are a flexible team of creative people, having Branding, UI/UX Design and Development at the core of our interest and work. Fusing aesthetics with functionality, we aim at making our own contribution to shaping a better world.

We are looking for a proficient UI/UX Designer, willing to design simple yet thoroughly thought and meaningful user-centered experiences. As a UI/UX designer, you will become a part of many and variable UI/UX projects in close collaboration with designers, developers and project managers.

We look past diplomas when it comes to a great Portfolio. For the final selection of the person to take on the role, no studentship or diploma is required, so focus on your portfolio.


Knowledge of the latest design tools - we roll on Sketch

Understanding, creation and maintenance of design systems & component-based design

Attention to detail

Passion for UX research and craving for updates in the world of design and innovation

Valuing accessibility & acknowledging the difference between comprehensive and compromising design

Time-management skills

Readiness to conceptualize original, simple and user-friendly solutions to complex design challenges

Willingness to give, take and accept feedback

Eagerness to take risks and support innovative ideas


Translating basic ideas into user flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes, suggesting intuitive user experience

Collaboration with team members and company stakeholders

Preparing and presenting basic drafts internally to the team members Illustration of design ideas using storyboards, user flows and wireframes

Must have

Minimum 4 years of experience in a relevant position

UI/UX design portfolio

Good to have

Basic knowledge or understanding of HTML, CSS

Presentation skills for introducing design solutions to company stakeholders


Remote-friendly working environment - we’re having our stand-up e-meetings with coffee and sweatpants

A casual and open working team where you can be yourself and have an impact

Resources and tools to improve your skill set, practice and processes

Collaboration with an agile and restless team

Informal communication with aspiring entrepreneurs of the global startup ecosystem

Mingling with creatives with diverse areas of expertise & cultural backgrounds

Flexible working hours

Discussions, brainstormings and creative sprints with innovative people on daring ideas

Engagement in beyond-seas projects

Other open positions

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